Thank you so much for once again great article! In your opinion, which country in the EU (except UK) let's say have the best culture for Entrepreneurial Age?

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I'd say the Nordics. We have this idea of mid-size countries not being able to foster global tech entrepreneurship, but I think it's more about the cultural and historical background of trading with the world or not.

The UK, also a large European country, used to be a thalassocracy and has a long tradition of trading at the global level. Denmark and the Netherlands are in the same category in that regard. On the other hand, countries such as France and Germany (except for exporting manufactured goods) are much more inward-looking.

So, in sum, not even considering the availability of critical input such as capital, talent and rebeliousness, the best positioned are:

• Mid-sized countries that never had a choice and have always traded with the outside world: Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland

• Large countries with an outward-looking perspective (the UK).

Obviously it's much more complex than that, but I'll pursue the discussion soon :-)

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