Sitemap - 2017 - European Straits

The 2008 Crisis Is Not Over 

What’s in It for Europe (and for The Family)?

When China Rules the Global Digital World

Enough With High-Tech Manufacturing 

The Family in China

Competition and Inequalities

Discussing Productivity at the OECD

Financing Businesses in the 21st Century

Startups: It’s NOT About R&D

The Fall of the American Empire

The Family and Silicon Valley

Uber in London

Can Technology Help Avert World War III?

My Estonia Report

Capitalists Beat Merchants Everytime

Data Eats Brand For Breakfast

The Family’s Pan-European Ambitions 

New Technologies Need New Regulations 

On Tech Companies and Taxes

We Need Low-Skilled Immigrants

Germany's Problem With Tech

The Future of Trade Unions (Cont'd.)

Technology-Driven Strategy: The La Poste Case

Mariana Mazzucato on Industrial Policy

Austerity Isn't the Answer

BlaBlaCar: Lessons From the Shipping Container

Where Are Entrepreneurs on Health Care?

Lobbying for Technology: The French Case

France’s Unique Opportunity

Climate Change and the Competitiveness of Nations

Fixing the Welfare State Isn't About Neoliberalism

The Future of the Welfare State

Goldman Sachs Is (Almost) a Tech Company

The Future of Trade Unions

Why “Liberal” Is an Insult in France

Macron Is About to Win

The French Presidential Election

The OECD’s ‘Going Digital’

Paul Graham at The Family

Globalization and Thalassocracy

The Dark Ages of Financialization

Can Brexit Be an Opportunity?

Heetch v. The French Government

Macron Up and Coming

Maybe We Don't Need Another War

The Lost Art of State Intervention

Software Eating Democracy

A Call For Radical Imagination

Entrepreneurs and the New Corporate World