Sitemap - 2018 - European Straits

2018 Reading List

The Future of Democracy

France Spiraling Down

George Bush and the Death of the US Elite

The Drucker Forum and “Fin de Siècle” Vienna

Israel, The Original Startup Nation

The Bay Area (Cont’d)

My Stay in the Bay Area

The World Economic Forum's Digital Leaders of Europe

What Venice Teaches Us About the Safety Net

Takes on Copenhagen

The Family’s European Tour

Talking About "Hedge" with European Audiences

Thoughts on Switzerland

Discussing the Future of Work With the Royal Society of Arts

The Family Raises €15M Led by LGT Capital Partners

Building a Pan-European Ecosystem

Publishing a Book in 2018: An Update

Discussing the Multitude At the 10th Global Peter Drucker Forum

O’Reilly’s Foo Camp: Assessing the “Tech Backlash”

Marc Andreessen’s Latest Lesson in Strategy

How Political Should an Entrepreneur Be?

The Safety Net: Insurance To the Rescue?

Can Europe Make the West Great Again?

Releasing "Hedge": A Few Thoughts on Publishing

"Hedge" On Sale Now!

My book "Hedge": It's (Almost) On!

Going From Faking It to Making It

India: The Other Asian Giant

The Family in London

Game Over for the American Empire?

How Europe Missed the Mark: Lessons From South Korea

Startup Acquisitions Are About More Than Money

Uber and the Future of Work

The Internet Killed the Media Star

Finance: The Secret Key to Becoming a Tech Company

China: A Greater Safety Net in the Making

Macron’s Industrial Policy: More of the Same?

Upending The Investment Value Chain

Enough With the Facebook Bashing

The Corporate World in Retreat

Women and The Family

Solving the Housing Problem: Hunters and Settlers

Consumer Credit in the Entrepreneurial Age

Clay Christensen, Our Secret Godfather 

The Future of Healthcare

Introducing the "Great Safety Net"

The Family, Business Strategy, and Private Equity Firms

Bitcoin: Innovation Hiding in Plain Sight

Immigrants Are Key to a Job-Rich Economy

The Family and Public Subsidies

Why I’m Leaving Facebook (Sort of)