Sitemap - 2021 - European Straits

Why Debt Capital Is a Good Fit for Europe (and Why Europe Is Lagging Behind Anyway)

The New Investment Banks. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Essays.

Digital Sovereignty. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Essays.

Exponential w/ Azeem Azhar. French Tech. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Essays.

Cycling in European Cities. Readings on Urban Transportation. Thumbs Up/Down.

Old Money. Post-Brexit Immigration. Family Offices. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Essays.

Everything Formula 1 w/ Toni Cowan-Brown. Thumbs Up/Down. Summer Recess.

The Future of Work w/ Roy Bahat. VC Firms Going Public. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Archives.

The State of the World w/ Nils Gilman. Thumbs Up/Down. Work-Life Balance Across Cultures.

Empathy at Work w/ Sophie Wade. Upcoming Long Read on Formula 1. Thumbs Up/Down.

The New Palo Alto w/ Saul Klein. Grocery Delivery Startups. Thumbs Up/Down.

Cosmopolitanism w/ Simon Kuper. Thumbs Up/Down for Last Week.

China’s Industry Policy w/ Emily de La Bruyère. Tiger Global in Europe.

How Innovation Works w/ Anton Howes. Diffracted VC. Vaccines in Germany. Productivity.

A note to my subscribers

Diffracted VC: The Categories

Technology & Finance w/ Byrne Hobart. Universities. Yahoo. Tangible Stuff. The Media.

The Media and the Context

All About Stuff That’s Tangible

11 Notes on Yahoo

Economic Insecurity w/ Deborah Copaken. Productive Fragmentation. Multi-Asset. Talent.

Attracting Talent in Europe

All About Multi-Asset Allocation

Productive Fragmentation

Chinese Tech w/ Lillian Li. Founder Control w/ Bill Janeway. Daniel Ek, Arsenal & the Super League.

A Thread on the Super League

All About Founders Being in Control

Bill Janeway on Who Should Be in Control

Productive Disagreements w/ Ian Leslie. Restructuring. Taxation. Velocity in VC.

Velocity in Venture Capital

All About Taxation in the Digital Economy

Restructuring The Family

Around Europe w/ Tyler Cowen. Lobbying. Startups Across Borders. Biden’s Global Tax Reform.

A New Corporate Tax

All About Crossing Borders

Building Startups Across Borders

Reinventing Housing w/ Diana Lind. Amazon's Politics. The Gig Economy. Centralization.

What Should Be Centralized?

All About the Gig Economy

Amazon’s Strange Politics

Discussing Europe (& Rabbits 🐰) w/ Noah Smith. Deliveroo. Delaware. Defensibility. Software Digesting the World.

Where’s Europe’s Delaware?

All About Defensibility

An Investment Thesis: Help Software Digest the World

Growing Your Network w/ Kelly Hoey. Europe. Stripe. Accelerators vs. Seed Funds.

Accelerators vs. Seed Funds

All About Stripe

10 Hypotheses As To Why Europe Is Lagging Behind

Investing Across the World w/ Chris Schroeder. Stripe. Consulting. IPOs. Digital Government.

Government in the Entrepreneurial Age

All About Companies Going Public

Moneyball in Consulting Services

Playing Video Games w/ Rachel Kowert. Consumption. Delivery. Profitability.

Funding Profitable Businesses

All About Delivery

The Future of Consumption

More About SPACs. The ‘K-Shaped’ Recovery. Crypto Digest. A Tribute to Texas.

We All Need a Lone Star State

All About Crypto

How Governments Can Deal With the ‘K-Shaped’ Recovery

Silicon Valley & Europe w/ Toni Cowan-Brown. Capital Call. AI. International Expansion. Consumer Goods.

Upstream Value in Consumer Goods

Dominic Jacquesson on International Expansion

A Business Perspective on AI

What I Learned Curating 32 Editions of “Capital Call”

Clubhouse in Europe. All About Angel Investing. Vaughn Tan on Uncertainty. SPACs.

Some Quick Notes on SPACs

Vaughn Tan on Uncertainty

"Be Patient" | A Conversation About Angel Investing w/ Pascal Levy-Garboua (Part 2)

"Be Patient" | A Conversation About Angel Investing w/ Pascal Levy-Garboua (Part 1)

The Digital Economy w/ Bill Janeway. Reinvention. Bezos. Musk. Communications.

Does Elon Musk Master Productive Uncertainty?

Martin Schmidbaur on Communications

11 Notes on Jeff Bezos

Co-Investing in Corporate Reinvention

The New Welfare State w/ Hilary Cottam. Remote Work. Strategy. GameStop. Jim Simons.

A Few Notes on “Crossing the Chasm”

Ben Robinson on Business Strategy

Everyone Wants To Be a Capitalist

Doing Capitalism in Financial Services

London & Paris Together. Business Strategy. Peak Bay Area. Lobbying Regulators.

A Founder’s Handbook for Lobbying the Government

Away From the Bay Area

Business Strategy at a Small Scale

The New Entente Cordiale 🇬🇧🇫🇷

Gender Equality w/ Nina Goswami. India. Financial Loops. Rich People. War & Inflation.

War, Inflation, and the Stock Market

On Rich People and Startups

McKinsey’s Financial Loops

A Great Writeup About India’s Startup Scene

The EU as a VC. DeepTech Is Complicated. Making Vaccines Work. Haven Failed. Inflation.

Will Inflation Make a Comeback?

Why Did Haven Fail?

A Few Thoughts About Vaccines and the Healthcare System

DeepTech: Many Roads May Lead There, But There’s Only One Rome

My Worldview in 10 Ideas

A Few Notes on Israel 🇮🇱

COVID-19: A Retrospective

All About Industrial Policy