Sitemap - 2020 - European Straits

All About Capital Allocation

All About the Great Fragmentation

All About Risk and Uncertainty

All About Diffracted Venture Capital

All About the US-China Rivalry 🇨🇳🇺🇸

The Uncertainty Mindset w/ Vaughn Tan. Automation creating jobs. Financial loops. Industries shifting. Most read essays.

All About Shifting Patterns Across Industries

My 10 Most Read (Paid) Essays This Year

Every Successful Business Has Two Financial Loops

Automation Creates Jobs: Here's Proof!

The mirage of deep tech. Bob Dylan. Atomico on Europe. Building IRL bridges. Selling short.

Shorting Companies in the Transition

Infrastructure and Growth

On Atomico’s 2020 State of European Tech Report

Five Trends Revealed By the Music Industry

Reinventing the State w/ Mariana Mazzucato. The gig economy. Brexit. Silver Lake. Tony Hsieh and Las Vegas.

On Jerry Neumann’s Productive Uncertainty (Round 2)

🇬🇧 First Manufacturing, Then Financial Services, Then Brexit, Then What?

Tony Hsieh’s Other Legacy

No, Gig Workers Are Not Your Servants

Remote Work. Stories. Opportunities in Asia. Productive Uncertainty. Low Interest Rates.

What to Make of Low Interest Rates

On Jerry Neumann’s “Productive Uncertainty” (Round 1)

Another Round on Expanding in Asia

European Tech’s Forgotten Stories

Around the World w/ Bruno Maçães. America’s Strength. SaaS. The New Wise Men. Democratizing Upside.

Why Don't Uber Drivers Own Shares? Now They Could

Where Are America's Wise Men & Women?

SaaS Is the New Manufacturing

America As a Technological Champion

Joe Biden’s In. Understanding Capitalism. Customers Doing More.

America As a Technological Laggard

Why Local Businesses Can Thrive in the Entrepreneurial Age

Your Customers Are More Than Their Collective Purchasing Power

Accounting for Capitalism

The Billionaire Raj w/ James Crabtree. A Long Week in the USA. Jack Ma and the CCP. Protectionism Back in Style.

You’re The Protectionist!

Jack Ma’s Future

What Becomes of America (and the World)

🇺🇸 A Reading List on America

The Gig Economy. IPOs in Europe. Silicon Valley Politics. Countries Are Different.

Each Country Is Different

Debriefing Our IPO Panel

Inflection Points in Silicon Valley Politics

IPOs: Will the Next Generation of Founders Choose to List in Europe?

Feminist Cities w/ Leslie Kern. America. Rebooting Businesses. Construction.

Fewer Regulations in America?

Europe Is a Base, America Is a (Final) Destination

Rebooting Businesses for the Entrepreneurial Age

Why Software Has a Hard Time Eating Construction

Value Creation Is The Key To Everything

Industrial Policy: China Gets It, We Don't

Two Things About Venture Capital These Days

Should European Founders Look to the East?

The Geography of Value Creation

A New Great Divergence?

Does Every Country Need Their Own DARPA?

On Trains and Geography

Round 2 on Liquidity & Exits

Is Going Global Still a Thing?

Venture Capital Is Hard

The Corporate Contract (Coinbase Edition)

VCs: Would You Rather Be Yahoo or Google?

You’re Gonna Need Bigger Exits

Why Is It Still So Hard to Raise in a Time of Cheap Capital?

Where Does VR Fit in the Transition?

Unai, VR, and the Hardware Lottery

The State of Corporate Venture Capital

Tales of a Fragmenting World

A Memo About My Firm, The Family

The China Model With Western Characteristics

Retail Investors in the Transition

Is Trump Still in the Flow?

Three Theses About Cuisine

An Important Point About Increasing Returns

An Investment Thesis For Our Time

Is Being American Worth It Anymore?

China Saving Face on TikTok

A Thesis For Sector-Focused Hedge Funds

A 10-Point Checklist For Building a Great Company

What We Owe Rocket Internet

The Future of Consulting (Round 2)

A Primer on the Chinese Communist Party

What Determines VC Returns

The State of Value Investing

China: We All Need New Glasses

A Memo About Writing Investment Memos

The Past and Future of the App Store

A Note to my Subscribers

My Writings on Venture Capital

Kamala Harris and the Future of Silicon Valley

A Look at the Archive; Lessons From the Apple/Epic battle.

11 Notes on Company X

Update on the Archive

Learning New Words; China and the West.

My 10 Most-Read Issues Ever

All About the TikTok Ban

My Personal Journey with China

Around the World in the Entrepreneurial Age

Big Tech, Meet Congress

The Archive Is Coming

The 10 Keys to Investing in European Startups

Cancel Culture: A Systemic Explanation

The Founding Father of Ecosystem Building

How Fred Terman Turned Stanford Into an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

Anyone Can Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Privacy & Taxes: It Takes Two to Tango

Diffracted Venture Capital: A Closer Look

Notes on Revenue-Based Financing

The Diffraction of Venture Capital

Country Risk in an Uncertain World

Investment Banking Rifts

Richard Descoings, or Radicality at the Top

France, As Revealed by its Elite

The Revolt Against Journalism

Navigating the Transition

Can Legacy Industries Survive? The Case of Music

11 Notes on Warner Music

Lessons from the Wirecard Debacle

Controversies Beget Controversies

Thoughts on Value Chains, and Why You Really Need To Get a 'Grip'

European Tech: We Need More Controversies!

Climate: Startups to the Rescue?

Who’s Disrupting Whom at the Global Level?

What’s Happening in India?

Transatlantic Consolidation

Private Equity and Tech: Time to Bridge the Gap

Can Private Equity Firms Make Money in Tech?

The Great Fragmentation

Facebook at a Crossroads

Will London Remain the Startup Capital of Europe?

Notes on Britain in the Entrepreneurial Age

Britain: Adrift and Sinking?

Challenges of a Remote Workforce

The Brutal World of Darwinian Economics

Launching My Executive Sparring Practice

The Tipping Point for Podcasting?

The Entrepreneurial Investor & Readings on Capitalism

The Entrepreneurial Investor: An Overview

Think You Understand Capitalism? Think Again.

China Drifting Away?

Repositioning, The Stock Market, Contact Tracing

14 Rules & Practices for Corporate Strategists

Need To Reinvent Your Corporation? Time’s Running Out.

The Stock Market Is Booming

Homeschooling, Germany, Amazon

The Future of Consulting (Round 1)

11 Notes on McKinsey

Amazon: Top of the Game

Notes on Germany in the Entrepreneurial Age

Is Germany Nearing the Abyss?

Should the State Invest in Startups?

Principles for Capital Allocation

11 Notes on Y Combinator

Marc Andreessen on Building Things

Toward Better, Cheaper Healthcare

The Rise of a New China

Should Startups Be Bailed Out?

Long/Short In a World Eaten by Software

Household Finance in the Entrepreneurial Age

Asset Allocation In a COVID-19 World

Homeschooling: The Next Frontier?

Adieu to Old America

Big Brother or Chaos? Is There a Third Way?

Supporting Venture Capital During the Crisis

Support Individuals, Period.

Venture Capitalists and the Choices They Make

COVID-19's Impact On Your Portfolio

Waiting Lines Are a Threat to All of Us

Quality and Scale, Simultaneously

Investing During a Crisis

What If We’re at War?

Paul Singer vs. Twitter

Law Firms, Disunited Europe, Venture Capital

A special note to my readers

What Is Venture Capital?

European Startups as an Asset Class

11 Notes on Lego

The Future of Silicon Valley

What’s Happening With the Stock Market?

What Europe Could Learn From Clay Christensen

Capitalism Today: Customers as Shareholders

Will Fragmentation Doom Europe to Another Lost Decade?

Can Anyone Reshape the State?

12 Articles That Changed My Views Over the Past Decade